Declare Declare Hyaluron Triple booster 50ml

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Declare Ocean’s Best Hyaluron Triple booster 50ml contains three hyaluronic acids that work instantly to provide your skin with a high level of moisture, With the masking of fine lines and wrinkles instantly and give freshness and softness to the skin and lasting up to 24 hours to leave your skin firmer and get smooth and fresh skin.


50 ml 


* The instant moisturizing serum removes the effects of fatigue and stress on the skin

* Hide fine lines and wrinkles instantly

* Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Product Features:

* Declare  Ocean’s Best Hyaluron Triple booster is the perfect combination of three hyaluronic acids (long, short, and cross-linked chain) with marine extracts for the beauty of your radiant skin, the highly effective serum provides instant moisture and a wonderful moisturizer and works to hide fine lines and wrinkles, which makes the skin appear firmer and plumper and works to fight the signs of stress External fatigue with 24-hour hydration for smooth and fresh skin with new radiance

* Src-complex Which reduces the sensitivity of the skin and repairs it

* declare is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

* Suitable for all skin types.


How To Use It ?

Apply in the morning and evening after thoroughly cleaning the skin.


Important Tips To Moisturize The Skin:

  1. Make sure to choose a facial moisturizing product that is appropriate for the type of skin you own
  2. Never forget to apply face moisturizer before makeup
  3. Do not expose your skin to hot water for a long time while taking a shower
  4. You should always apply facial moisturizer after shower
  5. Drinking an adequate amount of water is the primary key to moisturizing the face and maintaining skin's youthfulness
  6. Follow a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as this will reflect positively on your skin and help maintain its moisture.