Age Control Cellular Action Ampoule - 7x2.5ml

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Deep penetrating ampoule for demanding skin. For smooth, firm and streamlined skin.


7*2.5 ml


Ampoule for smooth, firm, and streamlined skin.

- A rich formula with holly leaf extract
- Revitalizes the appearance of the skin leaving skin looking youthful
- Fills out and plumps up the appearance of your skin from the inside
- Smoothens and refines your skin’s surfac

Product features :

This extremely effective ampoule revitalizes the appearance of your skin leaving skin looking youthful. It fills out and plumps up the appearance of your skin from the inside and also smoothes and refines your skin’s surface. .Phyto-substances of iris roots

Phytogenic ursol acide


Hyaluronic acid

Vitamin A palmitate

Rice protein

Holly leaf extract

All Skin type, Dry, Normal & Sensitive Skin


What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are defined as folds, flabs, or lines appearing on the skin, as a result of decreased amounts of proteins, collagen and elastin, and their appearance is a natural occurrence with age.

Wrinkles can appear on the body temporarily when staying for a long time in the water.

Facial wrinkles appear as a result of many factors and causes, including aging, direct exposure to sunlight, smoking, and an unhealthy diet and also the dryness of the body and the lack of drinking liquids, especially water and natural juices.

How to use:

Apply morning and/or night to cleansed skin. Once absorbed, apply your usual skin care product. Suitable for daily use or as part of a beauty treatment.

Preventing the appearance of facial wrinkles:

Use sunscreen

Get enough sleep 

Use of skin moisturizers

 Avoid excessive washing of the face

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables