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Declare SOS serum for all stressed skin types.



  • Ingredients:
  • Biophytex
  • , Ectoin,
  • Structurine,
  • Hyaluronic acid,
  • Synergetic Herbal Cocktail: In combination, these highly active plant substances have an intense synergetic effect.


  1. They strengthen and improve the properties of the dermis, strengthen the micro-vascular environment and stimulate the skin’s detoxification system.
  2. A visible upper eyelid lifting is achieved for the first time, eye wrinkles are measurably reduced, dark circles and puffiness are visibly erased.


Product Features

  • Anti-Irritation Serum is an extremely effective skin-care supplement for stressed, irritated or sensitive skin.
  • It’s the unique combination of valuable active ingredients that makes this ultra-light serum so effective: signs of stressfatigue and rashes are visibly reduced, and your complexion looks smooth and relaxed radiating a wonderful freshness.
  • Thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid and moisturising complexes, the skin is plumped out, making wrinkles and areas of loose skin less visible.
  • At the same time, highly effective plant extracts reinforce the skin’s own protective function, helping your skin to combat daily stress factors. For perfectly groomed and fortified skin, and a relaxed and fresh complexion

How To Use It?

Mornings / evenings after cleansing. Apply under your customary skin care product. For daily use, or as a course of treatment. Twist the cap anti-clockwise (approx. ½ turn), the drop mechanism will rise to the top and the pipette will fill with the serum. Continue to twist the cap anti-clockwise to open the bottle. The serum is squeezed out of the pipette by applying pressure to the lid.