Declare Skin Meditation cream Must-have for all women with stressed skin 50ML

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Declare Skin Meditation cream: 

There are many reasons that lead to skin sensitivity as it has become a nuisance for many people because it can affect the appearance of the face

Therefore, we provide you with the best and fastest solution for treating allergic skin permanently from Declare, as it helps protect the skin from irritating substances.

Treat your skin to peace with Skin Meditation – and enjoy the deep relaxation and wonderful feeling of well being.




It used for treat stressed and sensitive skin.


Product Features:

It contains B-glucan that works on

1-Improve the barrier and immune system function of sensitive skin and thus protect the skin from irritating substance for long-term

2- It quickly and effectively reduces existing skin irritations and helps the skin to relax and heal following excessive stress

3- It combats premature skin aging by protecting skin against UV-induced stress, loss of moisture, deep wrinkles or dehydration of the skin.

It also contains BIOSENSILINE 

Which prevents irritating substances from penetrating into the skin by forming a protective film. At the same time, it makes the skin less susceptible to inflammation, thus reducing symptoms such as red spots, itching and the feeling of taut skin

src-complex Which reduces the sensitivity of the skin and repairs it

declare is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

Suitable for all skin types